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Viking Jewellery Box

For The Viking Jewellery Protectors.

The Perfect Accessory To Store Your Best Viking Jewellery Pieces!

This beautifully crafted wooden jewellery box is the perfect storage solution for your treasured jewellery pieces. The box is made from high quality wood, with intricate Viking-inspired text etched into the surface. The box features a velvet jewellery bag, perfect for storing smaller items such as rings and earrings, the larger compartment for larger pieces such as necklaces and bracelets. The sturdy construction and secure clasp ensure that your jewellery stays safe and sound. This wooden jewellery box is not only functional, but also a stunning decorative piece that adds a touch of Norse flair to any room.

Our Viking Jewellery Box will keep and protect your jewellery pieces, in a traditional looking, wooden box.

- Stylish wooden box design.
- Keeps your Viking jewellery safe for years to come.
- Stack jewellery boxes on top of each other as you build your Viking Jewellery collection.
- Easy open and close latch.
- Strong build, long lasting.
- Includes a jewellery bag inside.
- Fast & free shipping.

The only jewellery box you need!

Inspiring The Warrior Within