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Our Mission

Not many men wear jewellery in the modern world, but the warriors of the past did, and so did the Vikings.

To the Vikings, jewellery represented status, strength, and belief, and was used as a form of currency. These came in the forms of rings, arm rings, bracelets, and ­necklaces.

At Viking Spirit Jewellery we believe man in the modern world is suffering. The lack of positive role models and true natural leaders has left men feeling a sense of disconnectedness and lack of direction. Man’s true north star is no longer crystal clear; it has become obscured from vision.

We believe in the connectedness and the power of the pack, as with the Scandinavian wolves, men need to feel a sense of power, togetherness and brotherhood for them to advance.

We aim to bring you awesome looking and eye-catching jewellery that contain symbols of great wisdom and power, that should evoke a sense of destiny and courage within you, that will lead you men to live your best lives.

The man who wears Viking Spirit Jewellery, is reminded of the very essence of strength, courage, valour and honour. The very foundations of what it means to be a man.

We want to see you strong and powerful again.

Shoulders back, head held high, with a walk of true purpose, man on his mission.

The great forces within you have lain dormant for too long,
now it’s time for their awakening.

Now it is time for you to remember who you are.