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Odin's Medallion

Make Your Ancestors Proud!

Feel The Wisdom of The Allfather.

By Honouring Odin & His Two Ravens,With The Medallion That Communicates Wisdom, Strength, Vision & Style.

A brief history of Odin's two ravens.

Odin's mythical ravens, his two guides and valuable companions, Huginn and Muninn (Translated as 'thought', and 'mind/memory') would accompany Odin on his travels.

Some Vikings believed that the two ravens were an extention of Odin, and that he would send them out to perform specific tasks, and act as extra eyes to scan whatever the landscape Odin was in.

We have designed Odin's raven's and the Norse Tree of Life, onto this fine Viking necklace, jewellery inspired by Norse Mythology. 

A medallion for you to be guided on your chosen path.

- Medallion & Chain Made From 100% Stainless Steel
- Awesome Design
- Free Shipping
- Available in 2 x chain sizes, and without the chain.
- Processing time: 1-3 days (not included in shipping time) 
- Shipping time: Please allow 15-21 days for shipping time (Not including processing time)
- Includes a complimentary Viking Jewellery Gift Box & Jewellery Bag to keep the necklace in. (Valued at £15 when sold separately).

* For your necklace size, please refer to our guide to choose the right one for you.


Inspiring The Warrior Within