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Valhalla Passport Sleeve

For The Adventurers & World Travellers

Travel Like A Modern Viking as you Honour yourheritage.

With our 'Valhalla Passport Sleeve'

The Helm of Awe is a powerful symbol in Norse mythology, thought to protect the wearer from harm and grant them the courage to face any challenge. Now, you can carry that same symbol with you on your travels with the Helm of Awe Valhalla Passport Sleeve. This passport sleeve is made from high quality vegan leather, and features the iconic Helm of Awe design etched into the surface. The sleeve has a secure snap closure, ensuring that your passport stays safe and secure while you're on the go. It's designed to fit standard size passports, and also has a convenient pocket on the inside for storing boarding passes, tickets, and other travel documents. Whether you're exploring new lands or returning home, the Helm of Awe Valhalla Passport Sleeve is the perfect companion for your travels.

Protect Your Passport With The Powerful Runic Symbol, 'The Helm of Awe'

The Symbol That Was Believed To Protect Viking Warriors On Their Travels

And Strike Fear Into The Enemy!

- Comfortable to hold
- Lightweight
- Awesome design
- Protects all passports


Inspiring The Warrior Within