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'The 9 Noble Virtues' - Poster Digital Download

'The 9 Noble Virtues' - Poster Download

This digital download of the Nordic 9 Noble Virtues, is a large, high resolution PDF file which can be printed off in pristine detail all the way up to A1 poster size.

Designed by our in house graphic artist for the Warriors and Modern Vikings.

An inspiratinal moral & ethical code for all to follow.   

To go up on the walls at home, or in the office!

One digital download purchase means you can print this poster design as many times as you choose. You can even gift it to your friends!

The 9 Noble Virtues

These were the strict moral and ethical codes that many of the Vikings followed, and what ultimately make up The Viking Spirit. 

Many believe the Vikings were simply ruthless barbarians, who only sought to conquer and pillage, but this is not true. The Vikings were highly sophisticated, wise, strong and intelligent people. They crafted the fastest boats at the time, often decorated with fine artistry of symbols that had meaning to them. Much more can be said about the Vikings, especially about the code that they followed, which speaks for itself. 

So what are the 9 Noble Virtues? 

– I will face my fears, and protect my family and kindred from all dangers.

Discipline – I will do what is necessary and right of my own accord, without bribe or threat.

Fidelity – I will be true to my spouse, family, friends, kindred and to those I serve. 

Honour – I will stand by my oaths and honour my ancestors by keeping my name pure amongst my kindred.

Hospitality – I will share my hearth, food and drink with my kindred and weary travellers who may turn up at my door.

Industriousness – I will take joy in labour, and hold nothing back in the work I have pledged to do.

Perseverance – I will press on against all odds, until the task is finished and my goal is met.

Self reliance – I will learn skills and grow strong so that I may earn my way in the world, and not be a burden to others.

Truth – I will seek the truth, even though it may be harsh. I will speak true words or stand silent. I will defend the truth from those who do not honour it.

Quite something, don't you think?

Imagine if more men and women followed such a moral code in the modern world today. Do you think the condition of man would be better, or worse? 

Download your 9 Noble Virtues poster design today!

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