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Mjölnir Watch

Honour Your Ancestors & The Gods

With The Watch of The Norse God of Thunder

Mjölniris perhaps the most recognised symbol in all of Norse mythology, and is widely used and worn by Scandinavian people, and those who have Viking ancestry and heritage.

This beautifully crafted wooden watch, enables you to walk the streets with style, and connect to the strong energy of Thor.

The Mjölnir Wooden Watch is a truly unique and stylish timepiece that is perfect for any fan of Viking culture. This watch features a beautiful and intricate design of Mjölnir, the legendary hammer of the Norse god Thor, encircled with ancient Viking runes. Mjölnir is a symbol of strength and power, and it is believed to be able to shatter mountains and defend Asgard from its enemies. The runes add an extra layer of meaning and history to the watch, making it a truly special piece.

The watch itself is made from high-quality wood, giving it a natural and earthy look. The wood is sustainably sourced and has been carefully crafted to create a comfortable and durable timepiece. The watch also features a reliable and accurate Japanese quartz movement, ensuring that you will always be on time.

With its unique and meaningful design, the Mjölnir Wooden Watch is sure to be a conversation starter. It would make a great gift for any fan of Viking culture, or for anyone looking for a stylish and unique timepiece.

A Watch Inspiring Courage, Power, Wisdom, Protection & Strength.


- Quartz watch.

- Excellently crafted from wood & stainless steel by our fine craftsmen.

- Handmade entirely from natural wood, including it’s case.

- Unique design containing the Mjölnir symbol, encircled by the Runic Alphabet.
- Includes a beautiful, complimentary box to protect and store the watch in.

- Adjustable 25cm strap, packaged with 1 links removing tool, so you can easily adjust the size of the watchstrap.

- Processing time: 1-3 business days (not included in shipping time).

- Shipping time: Please allow 14-21 business days for shipping time (Not including processing time).

*Please note, if purchased in a bundle with a Viking Spirit Jewellery necklace or ring, items may arrive at different times depending on stock. 

- Option to include a customisable message on the back of the watch! (Just write the message you want inscribed on the back, in your order notes, or send as an email to us:

It makes a perfect gift for the modern Viking!