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Rings of Valhalla

Rings of Valhalla

Unveil your inner warrior with our Rings of Valhalla collection! Imbued with the essence of Viking heritage, these rings feature intricate Viking runic symbols, crafted for those who pursue both strength and style. They stand as a tribute to resilience and might, echoing the ethos of ancient warriors.

Cast in captivating hues of gold, black, and silver, each ring is meticulously fashioned from high-grade stainless steel, promising durability that resonates with your inner fortitude.

Drawing inspiration from the fabled halls of Valhalla, these rings encapsulate the bravery and valor of those who came before. Whether you're captivated by the bold opulence of gold, the mysterious allure of black, or the timeless grace of silver, these rings exude a commanding presence wherever they're worn.

Embrace the warrior's spirit and shatter barriers with unwavering confidence, knowing that each ring mirrors your unconquerable essence. And with the added perk of complimentary worldwide shipping, embracing your inner warrior has never been more accessible.

Elevate your style, embrace your inner strength, and grace yourself with the indomitable spirit encapsulated in the Rings of Valhalla.

Rings of Valhalla

- Made From 100% Stainless Steel.
- No discolouring or tarnishing, can be worn while bathing.
- Everlasting & stlish design.
- Available in 3 different styles, Gold, Silver & Black
- Available in 7 different sizes.
- Inspired by Viking History, Myth & Legend.
- Processing time: 1-3 business days (not included in shipping time).
- Shipping time: Please allow 14-21 business days for shipping time (Not including processing time).

Please note, if purchased in a bundle with a Viking Spirit Jewellery necklace or ring, items may arrive at different times depending on stock. 

Before you order your ring size, please checkour ring sizing guide here.


Inspiring The Warrior Within

A Brief History of The Runes

The Runes are written letters that are used by the Norse and other Germanic people before the introduction of the Latin alphabet.

The Viking Runes were comprised of symbols that represented some of the most powerful forces in the cosmos.

It was believed that the runes had a magical ability about them, the inscriptions often used on weapons, jewellery and other items to empower, assist and heal the individual who wore them.

The Vikings left inscriptions and carvings of the runes wherever they travelled to.